Let's Talk About Gambling!


ReSPIN is a prevention project run by North East Primary Care Partnership made possible through a Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation grant.

We hope to reduce the stigma attached to problem gambling and encourage understanding and help seeking, by using the stories and expertise of people affected by problem gambling.

The project recruits, trains and supports a pool of community educators to talk to community members, groups, media and professionals about their experiences (including family members affected by a loved one’s gambling).

It aims to influence public discussions about gambling harm by giving voice to people who have experienced various types of gambling – poker machines, betting on horses and other types of sports betting, and on-line gambling.
Sessions could include a staff forum, an address to a service group, a presentation to students, etc.

All speakers undertake formal training provided by the North East Primary Care Partnership and receive ongoing professional development and support.


Want to book a speaker?

Please contact (03) 9450 2633 to discuss potential costing and bookings. Bookings are open to all community groups, not-for-profit agencies, commercial and not-for profit training  events and conferences.  We ask those who are able to contribute to the cost to do so but will not charge small organisations or helping services not in that position.

To book a speaker please download the booking form, fill in the details and post or email it back to

ReSPIN Co-ordinator,

Postal Address: North East Primary Care Partnership, 21 Alamein Road, West Heidelberg 3081

Email:   respin@bchs.org.au

Phone: 9450 2633

We will then be able to assign the most relevant speaker for your event.


Want to become a ReSPIN community educator/speaker?

Step up and speak out!

If you have experience as a former gambler or someone who has been affected by gambling harm in another way, you might want to make new meaning of your experiences. 

In the last 12 months, ReSPIN has spoken to over 55 community, health and sporting groups and organisations about gambling.

ReSPIN offers public speaking and communications training and ongoing professional development.
You would become part of a strong community educator group where there is always peer support.

If you would like to be a part of ReSPIN please contact on 9450 2633.


Down load:

ReSPIN promotional leaflet

ReSpin booking form

ReSpin Community Educator leaflet.