Health Promotion and Prevention

The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (MPHWP) Benchmarking Project

The NWMR MPHWP Benchmark Project was recently completed and presented at the Population Health Symposium in November 2016.

NEPCP Health Indicators Report 2016

The North East PCP has compiled a Health Indicators Report to support planning for prevention across the three local government areas of our catchment – Banyule, Darebin and Nillumbik.

Quit Smoking Resources

Where can I get support to Quit?
There are many avenues available for people who seek assistance and encouragement with quitting. Creating a support network for the person who wants to quit will make the journey a whole lot easier.

Falls Prevention Poster (High Res) Available Online
Research reveals that many older people don’t think falls are relevant to them, however well publicised data reveals one in three over 65 years of age, experience at least one fall a year.
To keep well and continue enjoying life, individuals need to take notice of the subtle details that matter. Maintaining a strong musculoskeletal system and adapting one’s environment to current day and future needs are vital pieces of the puzzle.
Palliative Care Services Summary - North and West Metropolitan Region
The North and West Metropolitan Region Palliative Care Consortium has developed a document which provides a summary of Palliative Care services offered by member organisations in the north and west metropolitan region.
Guide to reporting on violence against women (VAW) and Research into Victorian print media coverage of VAW

Guide to reporting on violence against women (VAW)( provides tips for media reporting on VAW, drawn from University of Melbourne research into Victorian print media coverage of VAW  (

Project Management Training - Online Templates - provided by Jackie Moden

These templates have been provided by Jackie Moden as follow-up to the NEPCP Project Management Training held on 30th and 31st October 2012.

The templates are as follows:

Social Outings Guide: Don’t Gamble with your Group

The NEPCP in partnership with Gamblers Help Northern Services, Multicultural Gamblers Help Program, Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre and Northern Federation of Ethnic Senior Citizens Clubs have produced an exciting new resource 'Social Outings: Don’t Gamble with your Group'.

Health Promotion Resource Guide for Problem Gambling Prevention in Melbourne's North

This Guide has been produced to increase the number and range of health promotion interventions which are taking place which address problem gambling and its broader determinants. The Northern Metro PCPs have emplyed a Problem Gambling Health Promotion Advisor to assist agencies to undertake work in this area or further consider the implications of Probelm Gambling for their community and client populations. Organisations interested in undertaking further work in this area can contact: Susan Rennie on 9450 2633 or

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