Digital Artwork

Culture is Health
NEPCP Closing the Health Gap logo & artwork files

The artwork provided has been developed by Gary Saunders at Indigital for the North East Primary Care Partnership

How to Use the Digital Images

The logo and artwork elements provided were specifically commissioned by NEPCP to support the NEPCP Closing the Health Gap (CtHG) member agencies to have access to locally produced Aboriginal digital artwork images. The intent is that agencies will have access to authorised artwork files that can be incorporated into flyers, promotional materials, reports and other documents aimed at improving Aboriginal health outcomes. Although the images contained on the ‘Culture is Health’ logo and artwork files are subject to copyright, NEPCP with artist authorization, gives permission to all our NEPCP CtHG member agencies to use all or any of the images provided within their agency materials.

Commercial copying or use of the images for profit is prohibited. Only where suitable, we ask that you acknowledge the NEPCP as the source of the logo or artwork image/s.